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Baked Onion Ring Experiment

I live in England now which means I’m legally obliged to care about football/soccer. So far, my knowledge is limited to a) knowing when a “big game” is on TV and b) sometimes knowing who is playing. Right now I’m watching Manchester … Continue reading

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Pretentious Asparagus

When I cook the boyf meat, I usually don’t partake. So I like to make myself some fancy dressed up veggies to basically eat as a meal. Asparagus is one my top 5 fave vegetables I think. A few things … Continue reading

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The Mushroom Soup of my Dreams

Let’s be honest, this recipe isn’t quick and easy. But it’s worth it the time and effort. Trust me. This is a great Sunday afternoon edible project. It uses a bit of red wine, so you can drink the rest … Continue reading

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Garlic Chili Okra Fries!

In 2008 I spent a hot sweaty month backpacking South India with my friends Nava and Stephanie.   Although we visited several breathtakingly beautiful cities, one city particularly underwhelmed me. Madurai. It was unbearably hot, crowded (India, shocker!),  our sketchy hotel room smelled like … Continue reading

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Obsession Parsnips

This is a fantastically simple side dish that’s healthy and straight up tastes like candy. What you’ll need: Parsnips Carrots A red onion Some garlic cloves Wholegrain mustard Olive oil Honey What to do: Cut the carrots and parsnips lengthwise, and cut the … Continue reading

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Cool Cucumber Salad

All you need is: Cucumber Lime juice Fresh mint Some red onion Olive oil Salt, pepper and some chilli powder

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“The Green Sauce” (dedicated to my cousin Val)

When my cousin Val introduced me to Bombay Mahal (Montreal’s greatest Indian restaurant–and quite possibly the best in the hemisphere) like, 5 years ago, I inherited her obsession with “the green sauce”. The green sauce is kind of like a mint chutney/spicy … Continue reading

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Did you MAKE this Mango Chutney?!?!

Yes. I did. My boyfriend really likes the stuff and when I saw a recipe online for it, I bookmarked it and always had it in the back of my mind that someday I’d give it a try. A few … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Curry Paste!

This is a quick and easy way to prepare tasty Indian dishes that smell incredible. You can make this in small batches, each time you’re cooking a curry, or you can make a HUGE batch, freeze it in small globs … Continue reading

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Beautiful India

India is one of the most extraordinary, exciting and delicious countries on the planet. I love it. Over the past 5 years I’ve spent several months living in Bhopal India and volunteering for the Sambhavna Trust Clinic and the Chingari … Continue reading

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