Green Apple, Fresh Mozzarella and Pine Nut Salad!

It’s so much fun to get creative with salads, and it’s a really good way to use up things leftover in your fridge before they go bad.

I made a risotto last night and as much as I LOVE risotto I find it very heavy and rich and I NEED something crisp and green to compliment it. But since my boyfriend doesn’t give two shits about salad I try to make my salads really creative so we feel like we’re eating something pretentious and expensive like you’d order in a restaurant. Then it’s not just a “lame salad” anymore.

This ingredient combination came out really well and the vinaigrette was also fantastic!

For the salad:

  • A bed of leafy greens, I used a combo of spinach, watercress and arugala
  • Some chopped cucumber
  • A few slices of fresh mozzarella
  • Green apple cut into “matchsticks” (my skills for this was lacking)
  • Some slivers of red onion
  • Some toasted pine nuts (or any nuts you have lying around, toasted is the way to go though)

For the vinaigrette:

  • Olive oil
  • Cider vinegar (which is apparently very healthy for you)
  • A squeeze of honey
  • Some yellow mustard powder (optional)
  • Salt and pepper

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