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Mango Cupcakes with Toasted Coconut Frosting

I’ll reiterate that I really don’t bake  often. But the last few attempts I made were genuinely successful. Back in January I was visiting my parents in Canada and got inspired by this gigantic mango they had in the fruit … Continue reading

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The Hangover Cure: Tomato Soup and Oven Baked Fries

  The white wine hangover. You don’t really start feeling better until 3pm the next day. And even then all you want to eat is something cozy to match your sweatpants and sloppy ponytail… I had a friend–who will remain … Continue reading

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Special Guest Post! Val’s Tabouleh Salad

Growing up in a (half) Moroccan family has its perks. The main one being food. I was raised eating an assortment of delicious Moroccan foods cooked by my grandmother, aunts and of course my Mom. Moroccan salads were a staple … Continue reading

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Homeland Finale Middle East Feast

Last night was the season finale of Homeland, one of the best shows I’ve watched in a while. I’m not going to go into explaining the premise but it’s basically about the CIA, terrorism, the Middle East, the military etc. … Continue reading

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A Moroccan Chicken Taste Adventure!

So I was watching America’s Next Top Model Season 16 and in this particular episode the models venture to Morocco! Watching these stupid idiots in Morocco made me think about the lovely trips I took there.  In July 2010 my … Continue reading

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Toasted Sesame, Bean Sprout and Mango Salad

I could probably be a vegan. I don’t really eat much meat, or fish, or eggs. I enjoy shit like beets, lentils and sunflower seeds. So yeah, I could probably be a vegan, except for one thing: I’m a slave … Continue reading

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How to Fake it as a Dessert Chef!

Desserts aren’t really my thing. I mean I love to eat them but I can’t really be bothered to bake or make treats, aside from the occasional batch of chocolate chip cookies or something. But England bloody LOVES their desserts! Just … Continue reading

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