A Masterpiece: Cumin Lime and Ginger Plum Chutney


Back in the “summer” I bought some gorgeous  sweet yellow plums from a local produce market. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to eat all the plums before they started to…age…and I really didn’t want to throw them away. So I threw them in the freezer and hoped I’d figure out something to do with them one day.

Well that day has come. Last Saturday we had a bunch of friends over so I could try and win their love by having them sample some of my delicious Indian treats (pakoras, chicken skewers, okra fries, etc.).  My friend Lewis “loves a good chutney” so to go along with everything I wanted to make some chutneys for dipping.

I thought I’d make some delicious green chutney and my ever-impressive mango chutney, and that’s when it hit me–PLUM CHUTNEY.

No online recipe research people, this one was all mine!. This stuff was tested by 7 people and the consensus was: THIS SHIT’S INCREDIBLE! 

So, before the season ends, stock up on some plums, freeze them, and you can enjoy this chutney all year long!

What you’ll need:

  • At least 4 plums (try and get the peel off if you can and gently mash up the meat)
  • One lime (peel and zest)
  • A large chunk of ginger (obviously not as large as the chunk pictured)
  • A generous sprinkle of cumin seeds
  • About a quarter cup of brown sugar


What to do:

In a frying pan, toast the cumin seeds on medium heat–no oil–until they’re fragrant. Move the pan around constantly so they don’t burn. Add the plums and the lime peel, stir and lower the heat a little bit. Add the brown sugar, and grate the ginger (or chop it finely) and stir.


Bring everything to a simmer and stir until nice and thick. Add a bit of lime juice.

When it gets tot he consistency of jam, you’re ready to serve.  It’s tangy, sweet, spicy and super aromatic. Pour into a bowl and allow to cool off a bit. Enjoy with some naan bread, papadams, or any of the above mentioned treats!

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