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Singapore Curry Noodles with Chilli Lime Shrimp

  A couple weeks ago I was craving some Chinese take-away. Specifically, those yellow curry flavoured “Singapore” noodles. So delish! Instead of succumbing to the MSG madness, I worked out my own little homemade recipe. What you’ll need: Vermicelli rice noodles 2 … Continue reading

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BC Brussel Sprouts on the BBQ (Another contribution!)

Among the many many things I miss about living in Montreal, are my food-enthusiast friends. When I lived in Montreal, we’d rarely let a couple weeks go by without a fun potluck or cooking party. Someone always had a BBQ … Continue reading

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Carrot and Bulgur Salad with Tahini and Mint Dressing

Here’s my [Canadian] Thanksgiving weekend contribution: A beautiful BEAUTIFUL salad that’s zesty, sweet and crunchy. It’s made with carrots, bulgur (a great complex carbohydrate), radishes, onions, toasted nuts and pomegranate. So colorful and perfectly seasonal! What you’ll need: About one cup of bulgur … Continue reading

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Quick and Easy: Mediterranean Chickpea Chilli

This is a really yummy warm and comforting supper. It doesn’t take long to make and it works great for leftovers the next day. It’s kind of like a very intense chickpea soup, but I made mine with some quinoa. … Continue reading

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Caramel Apple Muffins!

  …okay, well they’re not really muffins–they’re cupcakes. But muffins sound SO MUCH healthier! And because I made them with apples, they’re healthy cupcakes. A healthy cupcake is really just a glorified muffin isn’t it? Anyways my boyfriend has a … Continue reading

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