BC Brussel Sprouts on the BBQ (Another contribution!)

Among the many many things I miss about living in Montreal, are my food-enthusiast friends. When I lived in Montreal, we’d rarely let a couple weeks go by without a fun potluck or cooking party. Someone always had a BBQ and we were definitely ALL OVER THAT SHIT. Especially in the summer time. I really really miss that. 

Two of my awesome and super hip  friends, Julie and Justin (or JuJu as I annoyingly dubbed them) spent the last year traveling through South East Asia and enjoyed one more summer in Montreal before moving out to beautiful Vancouver, BC (Justin’s hometown). They currently  have access to a BBQ and hence their quality of life is quite high. 

How cute are my friends?!

Julie is an amazing photographer and I’m so thrilled that she offered to share a delicious recipe with me as well as some gorgeous pics!

Check it out!

When we were planning our Thanksgiving meal, for some reason I suggested we make brussel sprouts. I know, my 5 year-old-self would be shocked too. I’ve only ever had boiled brussel sprouts, which probably explains my prior dislike of them, and this year I was determined to find a way to cook this vegetable that was both tasty and healthy. As it turns out, they are DELICIOUS.

Originally I had planned to roast them in the oven but once dinner preparations were underway we realized that there was just no room left beside the turkey and other side dishes. So, we turned to the BBQ (not exactly a sacrifice considering the gorgeous weather & view from the balcony)

This dish is really simple to make and takes no time at all. The BBQ really brings out the natural sweetness of the brussel sprouts and the crispy outside and tender inside makes them a win. I’m also pretty sure that similar results can be achieved by roasting or grilling them on something like a George Forman or whatever.

What you’ll need:

  • As many brussel sprouts as you want (more is better because they will be devoured pretty quick!)
  • Salt for blanching
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and whatever other spices you want to throw in.
  • 1-2 tablespoons of lemon zest (depending on how many brussel sprouts you are making)

 What to do:

Trim the stems and remove the outer leaves of the brussel spouts. Blanch them in boiling salted water for 5-7 minutes (the time depends on the size of your brussel spouts. We had a mix of small and medium and the medium ones could have used a couple more minutes) Meanwhile, heat up the BBQ.

Toss the brussel spouts in a bowl with the oil, seasoning and lemon zest.

Place the brussel sprouts on the grill and cook for about 12-15 minutes (again, depending on the size) Turn every once and a while so that they don’t burn, but you definitely want the outsides starting to become brown and crispy.

Once they’re cooked, toss them again in the bowl you used as they’ll pick up the remaining oil and spices.

Serve! (and wonder why the hell your parents only served them boiled when you were growing up. What was wrong with them?!)

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