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Coconut Chutney with Five Spice Tempering

Some friends and I made Masala Dosas last weekend from a packett. It wasn’t that bad, the batter was delicious, tasted like real dosas but they were difficult to make them perfect: a bit chewy, a bit crispy, not too … Continue reading

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Couscous with Everything

I guarantee this is the greatest couscous I’ve ever had. It involves a lot of components but what an impressive dish to bring to a potluck or serve at a dinner party. The leftovers make for fantastic all day snacking. … Continue reading

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Spicy Indian Okra and Aubergine “Tempura”

Some of you out there are lucky enough to have tasted my okra fries. The snack I make pretty much any time people come over. Hopefully you’ve also read the utterly harrowing story of how I “invented” them. Well all this … Continue reading

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Craving Butter Chicken Tonight?

I’ve noticed that butter chicken happens to be a real favorite for people when they’re out for Indian food. I’ve never even really thought to order it off a menu because I’m usually too preoccupied with okra, daals or paneer. … Continue reading

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