Quinoa and Red Rice Tofu Peanut Thai Bowls!!!

The name of the recipe is a mouthful; the dish is a tasty tasty mouthful!

Easy to make and delightfully fresh. You’ll feel so healthy eating this, you’ll be bragging about it all week. You’ll be so annoying like my friend Ellen and I when we eat healthy food and brag about it while consuming sangria laden with a billion calories.


What you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup of quinoa
  • 1/2 cup of red rice (or black rice, brown rice or wild rice)
  • 1/3 cup of peanuts
  • A bunch of spring onions (chopped)
  • A couple carrots (grated)
  • One brick of firm tofu
  • Some mushroms
  • One leek (optional)
  • Two large cloves of garlic
  • One small red chili
  • Sesame oil

For the sauce:

  • Two tablespoons of peanut butter
  • One tablespoon of Sriracha sauce
  • The juice of one or two limes
  • Some honey
  • Some soya sauce
  • Some boiling water to thin the sauce out

What to do:

First, cut the brick of tofu into small bite-sized cubes and throw into a container with some sesame oil, soya sauce and honey (a very small dash of each). Cover the container with a lid and toss the cubes around so they get coated, stick in the fridge and allow to marinate for a bit.

Begin to cook the quinoa and rice in separate pots according to package instructions (the quinoa should take about 15 minutes, the rice about 30).

Prepare all your veggies by chopping them and separating the veggies that will be warm and the ones that will be raw.


While the quinoa and rice are cooking, toss the peanuts into a dry frying pan, and toast lightly, making sure  they don’t burn and set aside.

In the same frying pan, add a bit of sesame oil, and saute the garlic and chilli until fragrant, add the mushroom and leek and fry for a few minutes, then turn off the heat and set aside.

When the quinoa and rice are both cooked, mix well together in one pot.



Make your sauce by combining all ingredients, stir well and add some hot water to thin it all out.

Your last step is to fry up the tofu cubes until they’re golden brown on all sides. (I was distracted by all the sangria Ellen and I were consuming so I burnt my tofu a little.)

To serve, stack your bowl:

Rice and quinoa at the bottom, warm veggies, raw veggies (spring onions and carrot), top with tofu and peanuts. Drizzle on some sauce and a squeeze of lime juice and you’re ready to dig in!


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6 Responses to Quinoa and Red Rice Tofu Peanut Thai Bowls!!!

  1. catherine says:

    wow – quinoa and rice is double constipation threat; that bulgur we used in the moroccan chicken, could I use that? also what is this sauce?

    • theopinionatedtraveler says:

      I’m pretty sure quinoa doesn’t constipate. You could probably use bulgur but that would make it too starchy I think, you could also use rice or soba noodles! The sauce is just my classic peanut butter sauce I make a lot for stir frys and also as a dipping sauce for satay chicken or dumplings…look for the full recipe in the ‘sauces and dips’ section.

  2. Habiba says:

    Quinoa has been on my list of foods to try for a while now, but I can’t seem to decide how I want to eat it. This salad sounds like a great idea 🙂

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